Saturday, September 21, 2013

Despair is Kindness

I wrote this poem the other day while thinking about my personal experiences with despair.

Despair is Kindness

Last Thursday,
Despair knocked on the door of my heart
Once again.
Usually, I lock the door
And leave him outside in the cold.
He keeps knocking, and I sit at the door,
Staring at the clock
Wondering how long it will be before he gives up
And leaves me to myself.

But last Thursday, I gave up.

Instead of turning the lock,
I opened the door and welcomed Despair into my heart.
When the door opened, he smiled.
I let him in,
And we shared a meal--
Despair, and I.
And I was shocked at his gentleness
And I learned something I never expected to know--
That when you let him in
And when you be with him, you realize
Despair is Kindness.

I've been reflecting on despair a lot lately, and I've realized that the kindest people are those that, instead of rejecting despair, allow it to enter their hearts and recognize it as a fundamental part of themselves. Despair makes me bitter and angry when I reject it. But when I accept and embrace it, I become more gentle, kind, and loving.

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